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Spring Safety Month: Tips for Working Safely with Garage Door Springs

As your trusted garage door experts, safety is our number one priority here at Integrity Garage Door Repair in Virginia Beach. We want to take a closer look at garage door counterbalance springs and provide advice for handling them securely. From inspection to repair, following guidelines can help prevent potential injuries.

Garage Door Spring Working Tips

Identifying Worn Springs

Over 10,000 cycles of lifting heavy doors, springs may become stretched, corroded or broken. Look for signs such as cracks, rusting, uneven coils or if bolts/brackets seem overly worn. Note any noises during operation too. Never attempt DIY repairs on damaged springs which can suddenly snap with immense force.

Springs Under Tension

Both extension and torsion springs are highly compressed even at rest, storing an enormous amount of potential energy. Just one failed spring caused by improper release can inflict serious impact or laceration injuries. Leave examination and work to qualified technicians with tools and safety precautions.

Release Springs Properly

Our certified installers use a locking pin tool or brace to securely hold the torsion shaft or extension spring in place for disassembling connections. Never try slipping bolts or untying ropes on a live spring mechanism yourself. Let the pros safely discharge energy in a controlled manner.

Avoid the Danger Zone

Keep yourself and helpers out of the “coil danger zone” where springs could potentially recoil and cause harm if something goes wrong. Watch for and avoid pinch points when springs are partially unwinding as well. Stay alert and mind safety rules in any work area.

Only Trust the Experts

Don’t gamble with your safety – always rely on certified technicians for any garage spring work. Our team at Integrity is highly trained to secure, inspect and replace springs with the right equipment. Whether yours need routine maintenance or emergency repair, put your trust in the pros. Your well-being is too important to risk handling them yourself.


It is possible for a corroded or fatigued spring to suddenly fracture with no apparent signs of wear. This is why routine professional inspection and replacement of springs 10+ years old is so important for safety. A failed spring has enough force to crush and presents an unseen risk.

If a spring breaks, clear the area and call for professional assistance right away. Do not attempt to inspect or secure the remaining spring yourself, as it remains under high tension. A garage door pro has the proper tools, training and experience handling these situations safely.